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A Very Harry Christmas!

Posted on 2005.12.26 at 14:06
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So sorry for the long lack of entries in here. I never got around to talking about Oconomowoc, so I'll give the extremely short version; it was a great vacation! Also, me and Rosey have continued to grow closer and closer, I really do love her more everyday.

Anyways, I'm not going into too much detail of my long absence, gonna focus more on the even more recent events, namely Christmas!

Now, before I press on about all the cool stuff I got, I wanna take this moment to remind everyone of the real meaning of Christmas, which is not to Get tons of Presents, but to remember a very important day, and to celebrate the spirit of Giving! But of course, you can't Give without someone Recieving, so hence people get Presents, but that not being the point of it all, merely a side-effect.

Ok ok, enough of my babbling, most of you I'm sure knew that, I just wanted to state it again. Here's this year's Loot!

· Lots of nice snackable stuffs in my Stocking.
· LUCIUS MALFOY'S WALKING STICK!!1!1!!shiftone!! (Pictures below)
· Lord Voldemort's Wand Replica. (I'm in Harry Potter Heaven ^_^)
· A nice new watch (Which I got a few days ago from Rosey)
· Animal Crossing: Wild World.
· Sonic Rush.
· Polarium
· Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire for GCN (Again, more HP Heaven!)
· Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (For both me and Dev)
· Some Spiffeh new clothes.
· Some Money (Always good)

Now, the big-ticket item is, of course, Lucius Malfoy's infamous Walking Stick, which any long-time reader of my LJ will know I've wanted for many months! I finally got it, and I'm SO happy! ^_^ Here are some Piccys I took of me with it...

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Ok, Hopefully I'll update in here a little more often. I've got MySpace now, so there very well might be some mirror-updating between here and there. Oh, and since I mentioned it, anyone on here who's on MySpace also who isn't Friends with me already, go add me ;)

Alright, Farewell all! *Goes off whacking random people with Walking Stick, and casting random Hexes*


Well, that really worked out well

Posted on 2005.11.12 at 08:00
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Well, since last Saturday I've had to try and get the idea that, since Rosey had to go to a Wedding Saturday and can't go to TIY, that me and Dev would be going to Dustin N.'s on Friday, and that Rosey would be spending most all of Sunday moving, and the fact that Mum and Pops didn't really want to be driving down to Rockford every week, that we wouldn't be able to see each other for 2 whole weeks! But, come mid week, I was finally accepting it, as much as I'd miss her. Anyways, due to Dustin N. living as far away as he does, and in what area, and because of the time of day, Pops had to say No to us going there, which Dustin was quite disappointed about, but we couldn't really do anything about.

So, after hearing about not going to Dustin N.'s, I just had to ask if maybe me and Rosey could see each other. Mum said no, mainly due to the driving aspect, and that it wouldn't really be fair that we'd drive there for Rosey, but not Dustin. Well, Thursday we were talking, and she said she had Friday off of school, so I was really trying to see if I could talk Mum and Pops into it, and when Rosey said her mom would be willing to drive her here, and we just drop her off afterwards, I managed to convince my parents of it! So Rosey got to come over to my house for dinner, but more importantly than where or what we did, just the fact we didn't have to wait a whole additional week.

So, that was last night. It was alot of fun, we had some nice Pizza, Pops got to meet her, we teamed up and owned some COMs in SSBM, and later we messed with some of my friends on Runescape =P Also, I got a chance to be briefly introduced to her mom, which is good. And Rosey got to meet all of our Cats, which was fun, we got such crazy Cats, lol. All in all, I'd say last night was alot of fun, I really hope she enjoyed herself.

Well, now that I've gotten to see her this week, I'm pretty sure I can manage until we meet again (As long as we still can talk on the phone for our hour average, lol =P )

I Love you, Rosey, I really do! My days have just been me awaiting our next phone call, and waiting even more anxiously for when I can actually see you again!


omg My Harry Potter Fix!

Posted on 2005.11.09 at 14:23
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Yay! the new catalog from the Noble Collection, who create high-quality replicas of some of the items from Movies such as the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Series! Omg, any of you remember me ranting on about my precious Lucius Malfor Walking Stick? Well, I still want that tons, but now there's even more cool, new stuff, including stuff from the new Movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire!

This is the coolest stuff!Collapse )

That's my big excitement right now. Need something to work on while I wait for Rosey to call again, lol. And if anyone's wondered about my lack of posting in here, well, it's because I'd sound really repetitive if I just kept saying over and over again how great Rosey is, and how much I love here, and that we talked on the phone again, lol, and that's mainly what my days have been.

If you'd like to see more of these product, or are interested in buying them, Click Here to view their Online Catalog.


I'll probably make another Entry again today, but oh well

Posted on 2005.11.07 at 09:11
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I wanted to be the first to take Dev's (marriland's) Stereotype Survey, so here it is! (Note: Nobody take offense to where I put you, and also don't take offense if I didn't put you on there - it's hard to catagorize some people, lol)

Stereotype your Friends!
Animal LoverN/A
Anime Obsessormirageatoli
Couch PotatoN/A
Neat FreakN/A
Religious NutN/A
Video Gamerindigo_twilight
Click here to Stereotype your Friends!
Brought to you by marriland

All who vote aquagia should have her own catagory, say I, lol.

Dang, I couldn't really find any of those to put Rosey rockandrose15 in o.O That was tougher than I thought it would be, lol.


I felt like taking some Quizzes...

Posted on 2005.11.06 at 21:19
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So here they are!

Read 'em and Take 'em!Collapse )


I always seem to post about the Previous Day, lol

Posted on 2005.11.06 at 09:00
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Oh well, that happens on the Weekends for me.

So yes, Yesterday was Saturday at Tomorrow is Yesterday! (I've really gotta stop saying stuff like that, lol) It was quite the random day, really. I tried playing Devin's (marriland's) Blissey Dragtrode Deck in the Tourney. lol, it doesn't like me! I went 2-2, but one of my wins was just because Arvel was too hungry to battle, and my other was against James (daemonicone) and sorry James, but you just don't seem to have much luck against me when we battle, lol. Oh, and Rosey (rockandrose15) beat Justin H. in the Tourney! That was brilliant, lol.

Anyways, after the Tourney, I was mainly just hanging out with Rosey, and Kaleb, and Natelie. lol, you know what I'm beginning to think? Me and Rosey's whole relationship has kinda been like one of those Celebrity ones. I Love her, I really do, and well, I wouldn't mind occasionally having a moment or two with her that we aren't around people we know, lol. Friday we did for a little while, which was nice, but still her friend was there quite a bit too. And Saturday well, good luck with either of us going anywhere without at least 1 or 2 people following us. Gosh darn it, not too often do people sometimes want to be Less Popular, lol! Oh well, one of these days, Rosey, we will be able to hang out without our friends all being around, I promise! ^_^;

Anyways, after Rosey left, I hammered Dustin N. in DBZ, I dropped the Spirit Bomb on his new Broly Deck. Take that, Broly! Sorry to any Broly fans, but I've grown tired of him, and it felt good doing that, lol. I also found myself strangely tired after Rosey left, which is surprising, considering I had a 24 oz bottle of Mountain Dew, and a 20 oz (I think 20) bottle of Wild Cherry Pepsi, and a tube of M&M Minis, so I should have been hyper.

Well, off to continue living the story that's being written and archived here! See ya'lls around!


lol, that was interesting...

Posted on 2005.11.05 at 09:32
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Last night was me and Rosey's Date. lol, didn't quite go as I expected ^_^;

Well, me Mum dropped us off at Subway (Eat Fresh), which was fun, then we started walking over to the dollar theatre, where we were gonna see Charley and the Chocolate Factory. On our way there, I gave her a Necklace I had bought for her, of a heart with her Birthstone on it. Anyways, like I've been saying, she knows like, half of Rockford, so of course, we ran into a friend of her's while we were walking there. lol, and it turned out he was not only going to the Movies also, but the same Movie! Well, so much for us actually going somewhere without people we know, lol. Ah well, he was funny, tho, and liked DBZ (usually ranks you higher on my Cool List).

Anywhoot, after the Movie, David (Her friend) vanished quickly, and we went back to Subway to wait for Mum to pick us up. lol, it was So funny, they had her favorite Radio Station playing, which was cool. But then, after a song, they started talking "So, Friday night, I know alot of you people are out on your First Dates in Rockford tonight..." and so on. We just looked at each other and laughed! I mean, c'mon, what are the odds they'd say something like that, on what's our first more "Traditional" Date? (Trail of Screams was a bit less conventional, lol) So that was funny.

So, that was our Night. I know I enjoyed myself, I just hope Rosey still had fun, I know it wasn't really what either of us were planning ^_^;


Hmm... Chocolate Makes you Think Better!

Posted on 2005.11.02 at 20:29
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The title will make more sense by the end of this post, trust me, lol.

Anyways, today wasn't overly eventful until the afternoon time hit, then the phone calls began! First, I talked to Rosey, then she had to go (We were like "omg, Yesterday is happening again!") And sure enough, a bit later, Brandon called for a little bit. And sure enough, he had to go as well! But then Rosey called back, and we chatted for some time until closer to Dinner. I mentioned to her that Brandon wanted to have a battle over the phone, and she had the idea to do a 3-way call, so that she could listen in on our game!

lol, I think the game scares her more now. Admittedly, DBZ is extremely confusing, even if you know how to play, and even worse if you don't! But it was fun nonetheless, I think Rosey found it entertaining as well. I lost, but oh well, I haven't been too concerned about Winning/Losing recently.

Anyways, earlier I had the idea of what me and Rosey could do for our next Date; we could go Bowling! And when she was also kinda thinking the same thing, I thought it would work great. Unfortunately, turns out none of the Bowling Alleys had open Bowling on Friday until past 9:00, and that wouldn't really work. Plus, Sunday when they do have Open Bowling all day, she's busy, so that also won't work. Then I was like "Dang, now I gotta think again!" So, we were both thinking on it for awhile, without really coming to any conclusion. But after some Chocolate and a push of the Easy Botton™, we came up with something. We're thinking of going to see a Movie, then afterwards hanging out at my house, maybe playing some Poker (So she can school in in Poker and Pokeymans! ^_^) So, hence what the title means.


Crazy Phone Antics!

Posted on 2005.11.01 at 20:35
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My last post today was really more for yesterday, so this is Today's post!

lol, this afternoon has been hilarious! First, at about 3:00 PM or so, Brandon called, which was fun, enjoyed talking to him. At around 4:00 PM, he had to go, because his sister needed to use the phone. So, I went on MSN, to either chat with SteVanDan or someone, or see if Rosey (rockandrose15) was on. I chatted on and off with Stevo throughout most of this event from here on out. At about 4:30 or so, Rosey called, and we talked for about 10 minutes or so before, guess what, her brother needed the phone! So she hung up, and me and Rosey continued talking on MSN, and I just played a song Stevo (stevandan) sent me, and within the first minute of the song, who should call back but... No, not Rosey, Brandon! So we talked for a little bit, but after about 10 or 15 minutes, he had to go, again! So then shortly after, Rosey called back, then within a short amount of time, her other brother needed to use the phone! So it was about 5:10 or so, and I thought to go downstairs for a little bit. Not long after doing so, Brandon calls back! So I talked to him downstairs, now realizing how very comical this was becoming, when, you guessed it, he had to give up the phone, again! Then, within 2 minutes of hanging up, Rosey calls back! This was getting to be just plain hilarious, so I transferred the call to my room, and she had the idea to add Brandon to the conversation, which was quite entertaining. Well, again, after no more than 20 minutes, Rosey's brother had to use the phone AGAIN, and I had to have Dinner!

Omg, I doubt anyone who reads this will be able to keep track of what I just said. Heck, I barely could! But it was amazingly funny! XD And dang, my ears kinda hurt o.O


Halloween! (Yes, I know I'm late, lol)

Posted on 2005.11.01 at 13:44
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Ah, that happy time of year again, where people dress up all scary and get free candy! Yesterday was Halloween, and I didn't make an entry here then because most of the action of the day went on later on in the day, so I figured I'd just wait til now!

So, the early time of the day felt really weird, not like Halloween at all. I was still trying to regain the idea that the Weekend had ended, as I had a very distorted concept of time. The weekend seemed to almost last a lifetime, yet was gone in the blink of an eye. But anyway, this post isn't about that. Later on, at about 4:30 PM, something snapped inside me, and I went into Halloween mode! Omigods, our house was awesome! A strobe light flashing in my room, with creepy bacground music coming from it, spider webs covering the porch, lit up by a great black light, my fog machine adding to the effect, Dev standing ominously at the top of the stairs with a hockey mask, banging a iron pipe on the ground when children come up, and then there was me. I had my favorite job of the whole thing, I crept around a dark, shadowy area of our yard with a mask on, lurking near people who pass! Later, we also brought down my Spotlight, which I hid under my cape, making it virtually invisible in the darkness, and shined it randomly as people approached, not to mention occasionally pulling the spooky underlighting effect on my mask, making me look SO creepy!

Even though we usually don't get much traffic here, it was worth it. About 4 groups of people wouldn't even come up to the house, we were so scary! And one kid begged his dad to go home and stop trick-or-treating early! All in all, that was alot of fun, even though I was wearing a sweaty mask, waiting around in my yard to freak people out, it was well worth it all!

Anyways, after Dinner, Rosey called from a Cell Phone, while trick-or-treating! XD that was funny, lol. She was taking her little brother, so she had a great excuse to go. Later when she got home, we could talk for real, which was fun, as always. I never seem to get tired of talking to her ^_^

Then, at about 9:00 PM, me and my mum watched some of this old Gothic Soap Opera from the 60's that we rented, Dark Shadows. My mum was a huge fan of it, so we just had to rent some tapes of it. Omg, the first episodes we were watching were hilarious! Freaky acting from way back is priceless! XD We're gonna watch some more of it tonight, I'd imagine.

Well, that's that. Now, I'm done writing about the life for now, time to get back to living it! ^_^

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